How Einstein's trumping of Newton was a YEC gain.

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How Einstein's trumping of Newton was a YEC gain.

Postby Robert Byers » Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:35 pm

i've been reading/watching recently in a rudimentary way the story of Einsteins ideas trumping Newtons in rejecting the mechanical universe.
Newton's mechanical universe did not hurt biblical creationism BUT it deal make a universe that was working as a machine and so God was not needed to pull levers. So it gave folks a chance to say there is no need for a god or Genesis and its an option the machine evolved.
it made Gods universe very simple and not complicated enough for a great creator.
Einstein came along and said the universe is not a mechanical machine. everything is not reacting with other because of a great working clock.
instead its all just a continuum of a "flid' that is draining away. Everything is caught up in the drainage and just gives a impression of being in a fixed state.
This makes the universe more complicated and stripping away the machine like universe makes its evolving more unlikely.
Its not so dumb simple as newtons laws but is so complicated we will never understand fully.
Einstein , whatever other faults, helped YEC creationism in its model of a great God whose universe is hard to fathom. its not simple or evolved.
I never notice anyone bring this up.
Robert Byers
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