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Who is who

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:27 am
by Hezekiah Wang
This thread is so members can introduce themselves to each other. Say what you feel is relevant, but please be mindful this is a public forum. For you own protection, don't reveal sensitive or private information like addresses, phone numbers, etc.

This forum has private message feature to communicate with other members. Use private channels to exchange sensitive information.

You should be able to edit and revise you bio as needed. Please restrict yourself to 1 post to only bio information about yourself. There are lots of other places in the forum to hang out and chat about with each other. Any non-bio information posts will be deleted.

Re: Who is who

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:50 am
by stcordova

Professional Background
I'm currently an investment manager specializing in statistical arbitrage for a small privately held hedge fund. My prior background was being junior scientist and then senior engineer for a prestigious think tank.

Educational background:
BS CS, BS EE (minor Music), BS Math (minor physics)
MS Applied Physics
Graduate Dulles Aviation Flight school as a licensed private pilot
Series 6/63 securities license
Life and health insurance license

I was one of the few creationists to ever make the cover story of the Scientific journal Nature. My appearance was in the April 28, 2005 edition. The ID club at GMU that I co-founded went on to have people that were on the national stage, most notably Dr. Caroline Crocker who was featured the documentary Expelled which hit theaters nationally in 2008 and starred Ben Stein. Some of the members of that club (including myself) were featured on National Public Radio, various newspapers, and television shows. I've since mostly dropped out of the public eye except for blogs that have readership of about 100 daily visitors.

Research Interests
Cross-species comparisons of 3-periodicity of nucleotides in exonic regions
Population genetic analysis of heritable diseases
Quasar Emission line analysis and quasar distance measurements
Lorentzian Releativity
Chemical, Mechanical, Biological and Electrical mechanisms of nuclear remediation, transmutation and accelerated decay
Plasma Laser Action, Wolf Effect and other mechanisms of astrophysical emission line shifts
Methods of creating objective specifications to rule out chance hypotheses in analysis of biological designs

Personal Data
member Potomac presbytery of Presbyterian Church of America
I confess the Nicene Creed
I accept by faith that the Bible was inspired by God and that in the original writing it was inerrant but some things have been lost in transmission to us in the current day. Creation science and archaeology are helping us understand and reconstruct understanding of the Bible that may have been lost in transmission since early times to the current day. A central consideration is how to interpret the geneaology of Jesus in Luke 3 and Matt 1.

Re: Who is who

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:44 pm
by johnspenn
johnspenn AKA John Pennell

Education: High school grad, diploma in Heating and Air Conditioning, Undergraduate in the School of Hard Knocks :-)

Interests: Theology, Apologetics, Science (especially cosmology, OOL, and Biology)

Beliefs: Primitive Baptist (ask me if curious), I hold the Bible to be inspired by God, inerrant, and preserved unto this day by God for His people. I believe that the KJV is the superior translation and that where there is a difference in translation the KJV should be the default position. I have grounds for these beliefs and would be happy to discuss them with any who might be curious.

I blog sporadically at ... =woodstock and would welcome any input anyone might have.

Re: Who is who

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:27 pm
by sterusjon
sterusjon a.k.a. Stephen R. Jones

Education: Highschool garaduate with 40+ very stale credits in physics, math, economics and the like. I could not bear the humanities. Expect to graduate from Hard Knocks U within the next 40 years or so. I am currently in my sixty fourth year of matriculation at that venerable institution. I am self-taught in several microprocessor assembler languages, BASIC, ForTran, C, C+,C++ and a number of PLC languages (Programmable Logic Controller for implementing the ancient mechanical switch/relay logic in silico).

Work History: Lab technician, coal mine laborer (briefly) then mine maintenance worker, electrical/electronic/hydraulics troubleshooter. Currently (semi-retired, now) engaged in the design and construction of new production line equipment and the improvement of existing systems for a pharmaceutical plastics facility. I handle it all, hands on, from helping the engineer with the design decisions to tightening the nuts and bolts and pulling the wire to programming the systems logic and the human-machine interface.

Theological Bent: I hold to the inspired inerrancy of the Judeo-Christian scripture in their originals. I believe we have sufficient older texts to able to discern the original intent, if not the text, from the evidence we currently have. I prefer more literal translations as I prefer not to have the English version filtered through the translator's theology. My preferred version is the Concordant Literal translation but I resort to other "literal" translations frequently. Many years ago I was affiliated with a sabbath/law-keeping sect. Presently I am not affiliated with any group. My core belief reduces to the following: God (actively) operates the universe in accord with His own will (Eph 1:11) so that He will become All in all (1 Cor 15:28) as the Saviour of all mankind, (in a special way for believers) (1 Tim 4:10) because He sacrificed His own beloved Son (John 3:16) when Jesus Christ gave Himself as a corresponding ransom for the sake of all (the testimony in its own eras) (1 Tim 2:6) by dying for the sake of our sins, according to the scriptures, and was subsequently entombed and roused the third day according to the scriptures (1 Cor 15:3-4). Beyond that summary statement, as I see it, everything else in the scriptures is interesting, even intriguing, details. And, any understanding of those details that is not consistent with that summary statement is a misunderstanding.

Origins: Young Human Creation, Absolutely, Young Earth/Universe Creation, Most Probably (allowing for a possible gap interpretation of Gen 1:1-2) My view of the Genesis creation account(s) is that Gen 1:1 is an over-arching statement that is expanded by what follows in Gen 1:2 through Gen 2:4(mid verse) and Gen 2:4(mid verse) -25 is an expansion of mostly day six events pertinent to the first humans. I see the creation week as a period punctuated by many miraculous events that "booted" the present natural law governed world we currently live in. Additionally, I accept the Genesis account of the Noachian Flood as an, all be it brief, accurate account of actual global catastrophic events that were accompanied with some degree of miraculous intervention.

Interests: I delve into the sciences and math and, of course, the evolution vs ID wars. I have done a number of years of cruising/sailing a ketch and am presently settled into a home with my wife, a garden plot and the required site maintenance. In the sciences I am particularly interested in what I think of as "alternative" science but is more often monikered as "pseudo" science. Things like plasma cosmology/electric universe, expanding earth, Walter Brown's hydroplate related ideas, catastrophic plate tectonics and variable light speed. I am quite skeptical of the Big Bang theory and not completely convinced that relativity and quantum mechanics are correct.