Life is a miracle of the Creator God, not the product of mindless evolution

[for intermediate level students of intelligent design and creation science]

A human soul dwells in a human body, and the human body has 100 trillion cells. Each cell is a complex molecular robot, and many of these complex molecular robots can build other cells which are themselves complex molecular robots.

The technology inside each of these complex molecular robots is far beyond human technology especially because the technology works at the molecular level. No human has ever built a robot that will make copies of itself from raw materials, but living creatures do this all the time.

Those who reject creation claim that no miracle is needed to make such complex chemical robots from dead lifeless materials on a lifeless Earth billions of years ago, but they actually never provide convincing details or experiments.

Have you ever assembled a personal computer form scratch? By scratch, I mean making silicon wafers and transistor parts and wires from the raw materials of the Earth. Building the first living cell is considerably more difficult.

Those who reject creation will claim that dead molecules spontaneously spring to life and then become more complex through a process of Darwinian evolution. But these claims have been falsified though few scientists will publicly admit it.

One scientific fact is that “life comes from life”, that is living things come from pre-existing living things. We have never witnessed in the lab nor do we ever really expect to witness something living coming from something dead without a miracle. This fact was expressed by the phrase “law of biogenesis”, an idea inspired by Pasteur who concluded that living things will not spontaneously arise from something non-living. He realized that he could kill germs with heat and the germs will not spring back to life by themselves in a sterile environment. The process is known as Pasteurization and that’s why your milk products often say, “Pasteurized”.

The term biogenesis may no longer be popular, but the concepts is still true.

The principle that life originates from preexisting life and not from nonliving material.

The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary


A term of waning popularity that specifies what is now regarded as an inherent scientific truism—i.e., that all life arises from pre-existing life

Segen’s Medical Dictionary

If life comes from life, the connotation is that life will not come from non-life. Those who disbelieve that God created life will argue that there were some exceptions to this principle in the past. But consider this illustration by molecular and cell biologist Jonathan Wells:

If we place a small amount of sterile salt solution in a test tube at just the right temperature and acidity, add a living cell, and then poke a hole in that cell with a sterile needle, the contents will leak out. We will have in our test tube all of the molecules needed for life, in just the right proportions (relative to each other) and already assembled into complex specified DNAs, RNAs, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. But we will not be able to make a living cell out of them. We cannot put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

As Dr. Wells illustrated powerfully, undirected chemical and physical law will prevent a partially formed molecular robot (aka cell) from becoming a fully functioning molecular robot. Without the guiding power of other living organisms or a Supernatural Creator, the real direction of change for something that is not-quite-alive is toward death not life. I often say, “a dead dog, stays a dead dog”.

There are some Christians who believe in gradual evolution instead of miraculous special creation. But the problem with gradual evolution of the first cell is that in must happen quickly because the materials will degrade and decompose by natural chemical reactions. God made life such to testify that life had to suddenly emerge, and be fully intact and functioning from the start. Unlike many man-made engineering projects which allow something like an partially formed airplane to exist for years, this cannot be the case with the first life.

Most evolutionary biologists who argue against the role of God in creating life avoid the problem of the first cell altogether and say, “the origin of the first cell, the origin of life, is not part of evolutionary theory.” Well, if the origin of life is not part of evolutionary theory, then the theory of evolution has not solved the origin of life!

If you are really interested and willing to get into some of the details, here is a 42 minute video that will show the cell is a complex molecular robot with computer hardware, operating systems, and software. Though the video doesn’t say “God made life”, it leaves such conclusions up to the reader:

To see the video on youtube, visit:
Programming of Life

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