John Sanford’s 7-Minute Interview at ICC 2018

John Sanford granted a rare public interview on the last day of the 8th International Conference on Creationism (ICC), July 31, 2018 – August 1, 2018.

He said while he was in high school, “evolution theory…destroyed the budding faith that I had.” But then he found the Lord decades later, and then 10 years after his conversion to Christianity, he became a creationist.

Cornell Research professor Dr. Sanford is a legendary geneticist and his invention, the Gene Gun is responsible for creating a sizable fraction of all the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on Planet Earth. For his accomplishments his work was featured in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. This is a picture of the young John Sanford and his Gene Gun.

John Sanford Gene Gun