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Creation Evolution University (CEU) is a collection of websites designed especially for those wanting to find evidence of the Christian God in nature. When I was in my darkest hours of doubt, I faced these three questions:

Is there a God, and is there evidence for the Christian God?

If there is a God, why is there evil and suffering in the world?

Why is God so invisible, and why is God not obvious in our everyday experience?

This website is dedicated to exploring answers to these questions. The materials at CEU are primarily tailored for college students (undergraduate and graduate) and university faculty, but visitors from all walks of life can find some benefit from visiting.

The Home Page is intended to eventually provide an essential guide to answering the above question which a person seeking answers can study in the course of one day. Those wanting more in depth discussion can visit the other parts of the website that go in to substantially far more depth than can be explored in a single day or even week, months or years.

Right now the website is under construction and will be for several months, but some parts of the website are now active or semi active:

For those interested in a blog of Intelligent Design and Creation Science

For Christian’s struggling with intellectual doubt and needing encouragement
Inisight and Inspiration

For those who enjoy the wild west of debates, arguments, shouting matches and occasional scholarly exploration: